The Dominican Summer League has finally put some statistics up on its website. Currently, the Yankee squad is half a game out of first, behind Cincinnati, at 14-6. The Bombers, however, are near the bottom of their division with a record of 8-13. The Bomber players, though, are the less experienced ones, compared to their counterparts on the Yankee squad. Next year or the year after, many of the Bombers will move up to the Yankee team, while many of the current players on the Yankee squad will go on to play Rookie League or Class A ball in the ‘States. Unfortunately, many of them will be cut, too, without making the step up to the Minor Leagues in the U.S.

There were a few new tryouts visiting the fields yesterday afternoon, with about 50 scouts from the various major league affiliates here to take a gander. The tryouts who have been here for a while now and who are going to sign Yankee contracts on July 2nd, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post, wanted to watch the new guys showing off their stuff to the scouts. Abel Guerra didn’t go for that, however. He asked me to give them an impromptu English class to get them off the field. It seems that even though they’re going to sign contracts on Monday, they are still eligible to be approached by any other team that might want to make them a better offer. Thus, Abel was being very cautious, trying to avert any possible overtures that might have been made to the future Yankees. When I got here last October, he told me that was one of the big reasons for the Yanks building their own campus. They used to share facilities with a few other teams, but he got tired of all the scouts being able to spy on the new players with ease. No more, though, except on these occasions when all of them are entitled to witness the skills of potential players. I think the Yankee campus is used because it’s centrally located in this region, or maybe because it’s so new or possibly because it has easy access. Can’t really say, for sure. More later.