I went to Boca Chica earlier to make copies for my classes this coming week. I bought an umbrella and decided to walk to the beach. There were a few (fool?) hardy souls in the water, but most of the restaurants and bars lining the beach were closed. No wonder. The usually placid lagoon was being rocked by 10-15 foot waves crashing over the protective reef that lies a couple of hundred yards offshore. The surf was washing up the beach in places I had never before seen it occur. I suppose the height of the water was the result of a small storm surge propelled by the tropical depression, which is gradually moving to the north-west and toward a possibly fateful meeting with the denuded mountains of Haiti. Because that country has been almost completely deforested, the probability of mudslides and flash floods poses a severe threat to the population. Let’s hope that the impact and potential loss of life is minimal.

Here, we’ve had steady rain all day, punctuated by heavy downpours that have left the baseball fields like small lakes, and the probability of playing baseball tomorrow is slim. Even though the system is moving out of our neighborhood, we are still experiencing rain and wind. Tomorrow’s forecast calls for more of the same. I can only imagine what a hurricane making landfall here must be like. I’m enjoying the experience, but I don’t think I’d like to be around for something more intense. Mas tarde.