Geez, we had a real slam-bang of a thunderstorm/rainstorm yesterday, a deluge more furious than anything Noel hit us with, and it was even pushing water into my room, under the door. It lasted about half an hour and left the fields, which had more or less dried out, drenched with more water than I’ve ever seen them covered with before. So, today’s games were cancelled and tomorrow’s play is in doubt.

Now, with all the rain recently, we’re being overrun by mosquitoes, hordes of them. The grounds crew sprayed everywhere today (with who knows what) to try to lessen the problem. Hopefully, the little critters won’t thrive on it.

Despite (or because of) the early afternoon storm yesterday, last night was very clear, and I finally got a chance to look for Comet Holmes, an amazing object that exploded from being the brightness of Pluto into a naked-eye treat. I bought some binoculars, a pair of Nikon Action 12x50s, while I was back in the U.S., and they provided a glorious view of this exceptional comet. You can look for it in the constellation Perseus. Here’s another story about it.