When I woke up this morning, it was raining again, though not much, perhaps a snow factor of 1/2 inch. (I refer to a snow factor so that those of you in less fortunate climates can compare.) It stopped yesterday just in time for me to take my daily jog. 🙁 At least it was breezy and cool, since the sun remained trapped behind the clouds. Plus, no crazies with automobiles intruded into the safe zone.

I notice I haven’t posted many photos lately. That’s mainly because I haven’t taken that many and the ones I have taken aren’t all that exciting or unique. To break the monotony, here are a few I found on my small camera.

I was walking along the Malecon when I spotted these two boats nicely framed by a tree. Sorry, I’m not good with tree names, but this gnarly type is found all along the oceanfront boulevard.


Here is one of the large cruise ships which call on Santo Domingo. This is one of the Holland America Line ships. I was sitting in D’Luis Restaurant along the Malecon when this one left port.


This fisherman is either offering thanks for the daily catch or describing the size of the one that got away.