I got a very unexpected phone call this morning from Ani at the Yankee baseball camp in Boca Chica. It seems they’ve decided to reopen this coming Monday, the 14th. That’s about 2-3 weeks early, but I’m not complaining a bit. It’ll be great to get out of noisy, polluted, crowded Santo Domingo and return to the relative calm and beauty of the camp. Even though I had planned to keep busy working almost exclusively on my teachers’ resource manual for the baseball camp until the end of the month, I’m happy to be able to get out of the Big City early. I’ll have a heck of a lot of work to do, but that’s ok. So, I’m getting packed and I’ll be outta here on Sunday morning.

I’ve still got some time to post more photos to the gallery, and I’ve started uploading some of the Laos photos here (and many more to come), if you’re interested. More later.