Rumors have been swirling around all week that the pitchers would be allowed to go home today, Friday. Other whisperings had it that maybe it would be the position players, or, perhaps, all players could go home. From past experience, I’ve learned never to believe anything the players (and some of the coaches) tell me about such things. Despite that, I did make alternative plans for lessons today. There have been occasions in the past when the kids were allowed to leave on Friday, but the stipulation has been that they couldn’t go until after English classes. So, I told the pitchers that if they were allowed to leave, I would have an early (1 p.m.) class for them today.

I’ve been waiting to hear something. Just now, Julio, kind of the second-in-command after Victor, told me that ALL of the players were being allowed to go home today AND that English classes were canceled. Sweeeeeeet! I was planning to go to Santo Domingo tomorrow, but I’m going to ride the Yankee bus with the players to the capital today. I want to get a different SIM card for my phone. The Orange Card that I use now has poor reception here at the camp, but I’m told the Centennial Card picks up a strong signal.
Soon, I have to begin sending out new job applications, and a lot of schools will want to do phone interviews. With the Centennial card, they’ll be assured of getting in touch with me.

Yes, unfortunately, the English Language Fellowship (ELF) position that I’m in isn’t being renewed for another year. Most of the ELF jobs are only for one year, so I was fortunate to have this one for two. I’ll probably apply for university positions in South Korea, China and, possibly, Thailand. Hopefully, I’ll find something that pays pretty good wages and offers other nice benefits, like free housing and a few months paid vacation, standard at most Korean universities. There’s also a chance that I might talk to the Yankees about employment with them directly. Nothing firm yet, though. More later.