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Weekend Musings

With most of the players gone, the camp was unusually quiet this past weekend–no players, office staff or coaches and only a small group of housekeepers and ground crew. Unfortunately, with few people to feed, meals were sparse until Sunday dinner, by which time the players who went home were supposed to return. I looked in on breakfast Saturday morning and, as I suspected, the Blue Plate Special was Mystery-Meat-and-Cheese Sandwiches. I passed on it and didn’t hang around for lunch. Instead, I went to my weekend office and worked on upcoming lessons.

My Weekend Office:


Yes, I did go into Santo Domingo on Friday, but, no, I wasn’t able to change phone companies. I knew of one place in a supermarket close to where my apartment was, but they don’t sell the actual SIM cards, only the recharge cards. I’ll have to go back to the Capital in a few weeks and try to find a larger shop that has the SIM card I need.

I laid off jogging on Friday because the fields were too wet from a late Thursday afternoon rain shower. So, having rested a day, I was able to break my all-time jogging record on Saturday morning–1 hour, 17 minutes. What a Marathon Man I’m becoming. 😉 Too bad none of the remaining players in camp were up to cheer me on, but with the day off, they were all sleeping. Deadbeats. More later.


  1. Well my friend, it’s absolutely freezing up here in Greater Boston and the only thing cheering us up (besides those not-to-be-believed Patriots and the nearly heart-stopping Celtics- where the hell did THEY come from anyway ???) is the fact that PITCHERS AND CATCHERS will report to Florida for spring training in TWENTY-ONE (count ’em) days !! We have a big ‘tot board’ going in the office for that right beside the one which counts down one of my co-worker’s days left till she goes to FL to see six games. She received her tickets two weeks ago and let each of us hold them and pretend they were for us. Maybe next year … 😀

    So, as soon as we can get past that Super Bowl (GO PATS!) thing coming up, we’ll be hauling out our Boston Red Sox gear, posting the season’s schedule on the wall, and trying to figure out how to finance a "Fan Pack" of tickets for six regular season games. Never mind the tulips and daffodils in the yard ~ that’s how you know it’s spring in New England !
    Your Laos pictures are wonderful … keep ’em comin ! Stay well !

    Love, me.

  2. Hey, OGM, we’re about a month ahead of you for spring training down here. Of course, it’s not the Big Team, but it’s a passable substitution.

    Yeah, I’ve been watching the Pats when I can, but who are the Celtics?

    Have a lovely rest of the winter.

  3. Surely you jest my doddering old friend … THE BOSTON CELTICS – among the greatest basketball dynasties of all time, late of Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Bob Cousey, John Havlicek, Bill Russell, ML Carr, and other luminaries of round ball …. now featuring Kevin Garnett and company ?!?!?!!!? Like the Phoenix from the ashes of oblivion, they have risen, once again another jewel in the tiara of the Boston sports scene with dominance to rival The Sox and the Pats !?!?!?!?!?!?! Let me just tell you this is getting to be a scary place when on some days every New England sports team including the Bruins (hockey) and the Revolution (soccer) post winning scores on the pages of the Boston Herald (yes, we are still a 2 newspaper town). Honestly, I’m going to be hard pressed to find time to watch Tiger Woods on TV, never mind fulfill my plans to play golf in a ladies league for beginners this spring !!

    Twenty days and counting. Did you know there is a sort of ceremony every year when "the truck" containing all the Sox equipment leaves Fenway headed for Florida ~ it makes the news on all the TV stations and hundreds of people gather around to give the truck a pat or blow a kiss, as if we’re sending soldiers off to battle ! (We are definitely wierd up here ~ must be because we’re cooped up all winter or something !)

  4. Very weird, OGM, and mind boggling. A New England Beginning Ladies’ Golf League! I shudder to think. 😥 Hard hats for everyone!!! (If my mom reads this, I’m dead.)

    I think the Yankees keep the equipment in Tampa.

    Joke: Why were the Toronto Fan’s lips swollen and blistered after he tried to blow up the Boston Red Sox equipment truck?

    The tail pipe was too hot! 😀

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