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Beach Talk

I found out that my Weekend Office is owned by Cris Ozuna, brother of Pablo, who plays with the White Sox. It’s interesting that in choosing my “office,” I unknowingly picked one with a strong baseball connection, though you could hardly swing a bat in the D.R. without hitting something connected to the game.

One of the new guys working at The Office asked me about myself and got quite a kick out of the fact that I work with the Yanks, so he introduced me to Cris. I already knew about his brother, who was in The Office the weekend before.

The thing about this area of the beach is that there are a lot of regulars who come here, older expats living in Boca Chica, and the overall ambience is usually friendly and laid back. Not to mention palms swaying in the gentle ocean breeze and good (but not too loud) music playing from the bar just down the beach.

I also get a few questions about how it came about that I work with the Yankees, so I tell people about the English Language Fellow program and its connection with the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the State Dept. Unlike people in some countries, Dominicans, for the most part, like Americans. It seems that almost every Dominican I’ve met has at least one relative living in the U.S.

That’s a thing I’ve noticed about Laotians, too. They seem to genuinely like Americans, despite what we did to their country during the Vietnam War. (See my previous post on this subject.) It’s always nice to be liked, eh?

Back to the beach. There are quite a few ladies walking the sand who will give you a massage, pedicure, or manicure, or who will work on your hair. This guy seemed to want the works, with three ladies giving him a makeover.


Oh, yes, I’ve finally started adding photos of my time in Montana this past summer and fall. Click here to have a look at Big Sky Country. A lot of the photos were taken from a moving car with a point-and-shoot camera, so the quality isn’t that great, though it’s not that bad either. Enjoy. More later.


  1. Well, it’s finally here! We’ve confirmed that Saturday is Truck Day and two friends from work and I will meet up and take the T (metro for the uninitiated) into Fenway Park to witness this important rite of Spring. The weather forecast (always iffy in New England) for Saturday 10:00 am is sunny but cold. Nevertheless, we will touch the banner hanging on the side announcing how many days until Opening Day and wave au revoir to Big Papi’s bat, Tek’s chest protector, and Manny’s equipment locker.

    Then we plan to lunch on Dim Sum in Chinatown before heading home, where we will visit Dick’s Sporting Goods to purchase our 2008 Scorebooks. Yes, America, we are true baseball geeks, scoring even the games we watch on TV. My son thinks this is hilarious because all the stats are provided by the outstanding NESN broadcast team of Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, as well as being available from in real time. Nevertheless, this is one way we show our devotion. (I remember my father used to take notes while listening to his childhood team ~ the Yankees ~ on the radio, so maybe that’s why it feels important to me to do that.)

    I have already printed the 2008 Red Sox schedule, posting it prominently in my kitchen, and as soon as the tax return arrives, the hunt for tickets will begin! Ah…I can almost hear the crack of the bat and smell the fried liguisa/onion/pepper grinders already!

    Well, time to plan my own ESL lessons for the month, so I’m off. BATTER UP !

  2. The Triumphant Red Sox Fan

    February 8, 2008 at 11:58 am

    "There are quite a few ladies walking the sand who will give you a massage, pedicure, or manicure, or who will work on your hair."

    If anyone is going to work on my feet, it must be a man, preferably of the tall dark and handsome variety. But that’s not what I came here to talk about.

    I’m new to your pages. You may call me the Triumphant Red Sox Fan, or KellyJ, or simply OGM Redux. OGM and I will be engaging in the truck worship you so disparaged in an earlier post. Perhaps if the MFY could ever manage to win a World Series ever again, New Yorkers might have reason to celebrate the return of baseball for another season like we do in Boston. (What’s MFY, you ask? Think about it and I’m sure it will come to you.)

    19 days until the beginning of my annual pilgrimage to Fort Myers. Woo-hoo!

  3. Welcome, Triumphant RSF.

    Hmmmmmm, MFY. Lem’me think, lem’me think. . . hmmm. . . My Friendly Yankees . . . no, no, it’s gotta go with The . . . the Most Friendly Yankees . . . hmm, probably not. I’ve got it (snaps fingers) . . . the Mantle-Ford Yankees! No, wait a minute . . . too obscure. . . (Slaps palm to forehead) Of course, now I know what it is. . . naughty, naughty. 😉

    Anyway, have a good time in Fort Myers. Gonna take in a game?

  4. Yes indeed, I will be taking in 6 games. And not a single one of them is in danger of being snowed out :D.

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