I called Nai’s brother this morning. I was able to verify that the family got the money I sent to Nai’s account. Then, I asked Pui “Nai ok?” He responded “Nai ok.” Hopefully, that means the original account about Nai’s accident made the event out to be worse than it actually was. I can only hope so. I also hope that Pui leaves the phone at the hospital with Nai so I can talk to him–assuming he can talk. The other accident he had a few years back left him unable to speak for several days, because he landed on his face when he fell off the motorbike. He told me later that “My mouth very big–same-same big fish.” I restrained myself, admirably, from making a comment about his big mouth. 🙂

Anyway, there’s not much to tell. I suppose no news is good news, but I’ll keep updating as I learn more.