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Nai Update (2)

It sounds like Nai’s out of the woods, so to speak. I talked to Pui this morning and he said “Nai ok. Nai stay hospital two weeks.” He sounded optimistic, so I hope everything will be ok. Once he gets back home, I’ve got to get him to swear off riding motorbikes. He was pretty leery about riding them after his previous accident, so I suppose he’ll be amenable to agreeing to stay off them as much as possible. You wouldn’t believe the number of accidents and deaths that occur from riding the things. It seems like every week he tells me about cousin so-and-so who had an accident and is in the hospital, or about a friend of a friend who died in an accident. Terrible things, terrible drivers, but ubiquitous in such a poor country where not many people can afford automobiles.

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  1. 😀
    Very very good news about Nai … prayers answered … think he’d appreciate a DOT approved Peace Corps helmet ?

    Our friend Kelly landed in Fort Meyers yesterday and today’s collegiate double header (-vs Northeastern and BC) was to be her first set of games … geez, October was only a couple of months ago, wasn’t it ? First live televised game is tomorrow and we’ll be watching it during a snowstorm while herself is down south in a sleeveless shirt … no justice !

    Stay well… Love, me

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