Just a final post before I head out in a few hours to catch the bus to Incheon Airport near Seoul. It’ll be so nice to get to warm weather for a while. Luckily, I’m not in Montana, where the temperature is predicted to drop to around -30F (-34C) this Sunday or Monday. Yeosu is nowhere near that, but, since the university is situated at the top of a hill, the wind that often blows makes it feel much colder.

Also, I have turned off comments until I get back to Yeosu; I’m was getting hammered again by spam. There is a new version of my blogging software out, but I don’t have time to install it right now. Of course, you can always email me at r j a 7 7 7 7 at hot mail dot com. (Have to break it up like that in case the spam bots read the address and start nailing me through email.) I may make a few posts from Laos or Thailand, but, in any case, Happy Holidays to all. More later.