I walked to Odongdo Island (do, pronounced dough, = island) last week, a round trip journey of about 9 miles or so. Including walking around on the small island itself and afterwards exploring Yeosu’s good-sized market area, I probably put in around 11 miles, all told, and my feet were feeling it. I had planned on taking a bus or taxi back to the university, but I decided that since I didn’t jog that morning, the extended walk would be good exercise. There is such a thing as overdoing it, though, so I didn’t jog the next morning. Good excuse, eh? 😉

The day was overcast, hazy and gray, which led to some rather flat, dull photos. The one below is representative of the batch that I took. This Saturday’s forecast is calling for sunny skies and warm temperatures, so I think I’ll return to the island for a reshoot. I’ll post some of the good (hopefully) shots here later.


The new semester is in full swing. I’ve got some decent classes, and the kids seem very polite and eager to learn (most of them, anyway). The classes here are sorted according to what major the students are working toward, and I somehow got stuck teaching mostly engineering students, the vast majority of whom are 19-20 year-old guys. Out of around 100 students, only 5 are young ladies. Quite a disparity.

The Korean won continues its catastrophic plunge in relation to the dollar. I’m almost afraid to check out the daily exchange rates. Enough said about that for now. More later.