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Month: April 2009


We English teachers have had the last week off from classes, since the students are taking mid-term exams. The English mid-term is a computer-based listening exam, so we were free for the week. But, back to work tomorrow.

About the only thing I got around to doing was to go up to Seoul on a quick overnight trip. There were some personal items I needed to buy that I’ve only been able to find at a foreign foods market in the capital. It’s always an expensive journey up there, so, like I said, it was a quick trip up and back, but at least I was able to get what I needed.

I found some directions on the Internet for locating a foreign products market in Gwangju, so I took the bus there a few Saturdays back, since it’s so close, to look for the place. Alas, the directions were virtually useless, and after walking around for several hours in the supposed neighborhood where the rumored market was to be found, I gave up. Never did find it.

We’ve had more than a few days of rain over the past week and the week before, up to a couple of inches each time. The temperatures have fallen and the wind has been its usual nasty self – very un-springlike. Fortunately, the forecast is calling for nicer weather in the coming week.

So far I’ve watched all of the Yankee games, but it’s been a mixed blessing, especially after the 2 heartbreaking losses to the Red Sox. Perhaps tomorrow the tables will be turned. More later.

Thai Problems

It looks like the strife in Bangkok is escalating, with reports that tear gas was used by the army to clear out protestors blocking some of the major intersections. To top things off, Apr. 13-15 is Songkran, Thailand’s New Year and one of its major holiday periods.

Laos also celebrates Songkran. I talked to Nai last night, and he has been hired to sing at one of the parties being held there today. This one is being sponsored by his brother’s construction company. I asked him to be careful, because many people are injured or killed in drunk-driving accidents this time of year, and knowing Nai’s penchant for getting into motorbike accidents, I am obviously worried. He told me “I cannot drink beer tomorrow. I sing a song for party.” Good. Keep it that way, Mr. Accident Prone. :satisfied:

Quick Update

Yikes, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something, so I’ll just do a quickie this evening, with something more extended later this week.

The spring weather lately has been glorious, with the azaleas, cherry blossoms, golden bells, and others in full bloom. The days have been warm and the nights, though chilly, are pleasant enough. Definitely baseball season, speaking of which the Yanks are off to a good start at 3-2, and they look like a tight team. I’ve got a subscription to MLB TV, so I can watch the games on my computer. Nice!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to re-sign here at Yeosu, but I did have an interview with a Saudi Arabian university. I’ll see what they offer me, if they decide to send me a contract. The Korean won has been strengthening against the dollar lately, which will affect my decision to stay here.

On a darker side, I see that Thailand is having more trouble the past few days, and today it seems particularly bad. The Prime Minister declared a State of Emergency and the so-called “red shirts,” having caused the ASEAN meeting to be canceled, now seem intent on more mayhem. Apparently, some tanks have been sent out into the streets, only to be seized by the red-shirts. It seems that some Thais are just very intent on shooting themselves and the country in the foot. After the airport takeover in December and the subsequent drop in tourist numbers, the current events are only going to contribute to an even larger drop in world (and tourist) opinion.

Happy Easter to all my Christian friends and family. More later.

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