I just saw on CNN that the northern part of the peninsula is getting hit hard by heavy rains, with more expected today and tomorrow, fueling some flooding that is taking place. Here’s a link describing the forecast. We’ve had quite a bit of rain here the last few days, and the Korean Meteorological Administration’s website is calling for us getting a lot more rain tomorrow night through Wednesday morning. While the high temperatures have only reached the mid- to high-70s, the humidity has been in the 90% range, so walking around the hilly terrain leaves me quite soaked, at times.

In a recent survey, the Mercer Company unveiled their list of the world’s most expensive cities. Surprisingly, Seoul wasn’t in the top 50. I’ve always thought that Seoul and, indeed, Yeosu, were very expensive, and I still think so. Some things here are cheap, but it seems like many, many items are way overpriced. Take red beans, one of my favorites, for example. I noticed in Thailand when I was there recently, that a 500 gram bag ( a little over a pound) of kidney beans costs around 80 cents. A similar bag in Yeosu goes for anywhere between $4-5, depending on the exchange rates. Ridiculous! I was going to go to the open air market this last weekend and check the price on loose red beans, but I stayed home because of the rain. I’ll probably plan on going next weekend. A few things are fairly cheap, though. Potatoes are currently going for around 60 cents a pound and tomatoes about 90 cents. After finishing off the Thai Chicken Curry, I was still hungry for something spicy, so I made good use of the beans by cooking up a big pot of chili yesterday. I should have leftovers for a few days.

Talking about prices, Loyal Reader OGM from the Boston area commented that she would be going to a game at Fenway Park later this summer. Question for OGM: about how much do you expect to spend for a day at the ballpark? Let’s say the price of the ticket, any beverages and food you buy, programs, etc. You can give me a ballpark figure! 🙂

Speaking of baseball, I bragged up the Yankees in my last post. That’s the last time I do that. They were just swept in a 3-game series by the Angels and the only thing I can figure is that I jinxed ’em. So, no more bragging. More later (not bragging).