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Loyal Reader OGM left a comment a few posts ago asking what my forecast might be for the rest of the baseball season in the American League East. Well, as I see it, it’s going to be a 3-way dogfight (minus Michael Vick) between New York, Boston and Tampa. The AL Wild Card spot will definitely go to the team finishing 2nd behind the Yanks. :laugh:

Actually, I have some big worries about the New York Nine. They’ve been playing exceptional ball since A-Rod returned from hip surgery, going something like 44 or 45 wins against only 22 losses, the best record in baseball, by far, in that time span. However, down the line, like in September, during the heat of the pennant chase, problems loom with the starting pitching.

For one, it looks like Chien-ming Wang‘s season might be over due to shoulder surgery. Second, despite his stellar pitching of late, Joba Chamberlain’s starts might be curtailed because of a possible leash put on the amount of innings the team wants him to pitch, thus limiting his playing time. Next, Andy Pettitte’s durability, at age 37, is questionable. Finally, A.J. Burnett has a history of injury problems. Overall, the starting pitching seems to be in doubt. That really worries me as the season winds its way thru the dog days of summer. (The glass is half empty.)

On a brighter note, the bullpen has been spectacular, led by the super-human presence of Mariano Rivera and augmented by great performances by the likes of Phil Hughes, Phil Coke, Alfredo Aceves, et. al. (The glass is half full.)

Hopefully, all will be ok. I think in the long run, if the pitching holds up, this very well could be one of the great Yankee teams, harking back to the glorious champions of the late 90s and satisfying all of their fans worldwide by returning to and winning the ’09 World Series. The chemistry is there and the late inning heroics are a thing of joy. The one dark cloud is the starting pitching . . . and, oh yeah, one other thing . . . they’re only 0-8 against the Red Sox this season. That either means they’re due or the Sox have their number. (Half full or half empty?) Whaddya think, OGM? More later.

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  1. First of all … 🙂 🙂 .

    Secondly, I think you’ve captured the Evil Empire’s chances pretty well. And that big goose egg in the Sox-Yanks series tally looms large …. I’m pretty sure NY wants that to be a little bitty slim 1 at least. So maybe that will drive them harder come Aug 6th – 9th.

    Admittedly, Slappy (aka Nim-Rod, A-Rod) is hitting like a demon. And Mr. Smugness (Derek Jeeeeeter)couldn’t be much better. Too bad about Wang and you’re absolutely right about Rivera: he’s deadly. As for Joba (nickname omitted for the sake of decency). And the bright spot for NY was dumping Giambi – a team albatross for the whole team. (I get that as we finally got to dump our own albatross ! Manny who?)

    On the home front, I’m glad Matsuzaka is on the DL because if they didn’t put him out, I’d have to go on the fan DL for the chest pains I get watching his performances. I really like Smoltz but I wasn’t too sure about signing him – I’m still not too sure about it after 3 less than stellar outings – jury is still out. (glass half empty) But Lester, Beckett, Wakefield, and now Bard and Buchholz … not to mention Papelbon, Mr. Intensity (glass more than half full).

    At the plate, I love that every single player is hitting well … not trying to hit cars on Lansdowne Street … just contact and base hits. Ellsbury is a base thief and Pedroia is a huge threat to every team he goes against ! Youkilis is amazing, Bay is about the most understated consistent addition to the team in many years. The new kid Laroache is already making stuff happen as is Nick Green filing the shortstop vacuum. Key players are cranking it up after injury: Lowe, Ortiz, and Drew in particular. So that glass runneth over.

    On balance, the TB will fold (unless they can snag Halladay). I think NY cannot afford one more injury (unless they can buy Halladay) and they don’t have enough in the tank to last through September. Boston, on the other hand, has a reliable history of sitting in the middle of the pack until about the first week in August and then just taking it up a notch at a time until the magic number is zero and the job is done. They are journeymen keep plugging away and this year they seem to have depth in the positional roster as well as the bullpen … never mind the minor league pool of stand out players.

    So my call for 1, 2, 3 is: Boston 1, NY 2, Tampa will be playing golf in October.

    And lastly, today was a great day in the game of baseball and the history of the game,as Jim Rice was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Outstanding ! A true class act !

    Matt and I will be at Thursday’s game against Oakland ~ with Jon Lester on the mound for Boston ! Woo hooo !

    So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it !
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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