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How Sweep It Is!

Paraphrasing the late, great Jackie Gleason. I just finished watching the 4th game of the Red Sox-Yankee series, a series in which the Yankees outscored Boston 25-8 in taking all four games and extending their lead in the AL East to 6 1/2 games. Yeah, there are still 50 games left in the regular season and, of course, anything can happen. For now, however, it’s good to just enjoy the massacre.

The remnants of Typhoon Morakot are due to swing by this area of the world the next few days. Yeosu is forecast to start getting some rain and wind (35 mph) by tomorrow morning and into Wednesday, though we’re not going to get as much rain as areas north of us, according to the KMA. CNN predicts that Seoul will get up to 15 centimeters, about 6 inches. Nothing like Taiwan, of course, where some areas got up to 80 INCHES.


  1. See second comment on your previous post.

    Nowhere to go but up. Hope springs, as you say. All I can say is that it’s about time the NYY picked up the pace against the Sox – makes it more interesting, no?

    80" of rain? Given the density of technology in Taiwan, that could make for an awful lot of short circuits ! Yikes !

  2. Actually, I just read that some areas had 100 inches of rain. Unbelievable!

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