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Time Off

It’s Saturday morning here and I’m sitting at my computer watching the game between the Yankees and the Red Sox. Geez, the fans at Fenway Park in Boston sure are quiet. Why? New York has blown the game open in the top of the 5th inning, leading 12-1. Though there are two more games between the two teams this weekend, this first game, at least, is another “Boston Massacre.” (Snicker, snicker) The disarray of the Yanks in the early part of the season and the 8 straight losses to Boston are long forgotten. The team has the best record in baseball and seems to be headed to the playoffs.

Our 7-week session between semesters finished yesterday, and now we have a week off before the fall semester begins on August 31st. I’ll probably travel up to Seoul for a day or two, do some hiking in the mountains around Yeosu and do a little prep work for the upcoming semester. We’ve had some good weather lately, as far as sunshine goes, but the humidity seems overwhelming at times. Just making the 10-minute walk from my dorm apartment to my office leaves me drenched. I have a fan in the apartment, which is usually enough with the temperatures in the low 80s, but I use the air conditioning at times because it sucks the moisture out of the air–a welcome relief after jogging or after walking down to the local grocery store and back.

Not that I’ve forgotten, but Fenway Park is one of those places where no lead is safe. It’s now the top of the 7th and NY leads 15-7. I assume they’ll hold onto the lead, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. More later.

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