I talked to Nai last night and he said that there was a lot of rain in Vientiane, but not so much that there was any flooding. Most of the really heavy stuff fell in southern Laos. Unrelated to Ketsana, of course, but it rained all night here, to the tune of close to a couple inches. However, for the rest of the Chuseok holiday, it’s supposed to be pretty nice; in fact, the rain just now stopped. Looking for sunshine soon, so I hope to get out and take some photos this weekend.

The dorms are very quiet, as most of the Korean students have gone home for the holiday. There are several dozen Chinese students staying in the dorm next to the one where my apartment is at, but I think there are probably only us teachers in our dorm. Nice–no late night/early morning thumps and thuds on my ceiling from the apartment above me. More later.