This should be an interesting and fun day. I’m one of a handful of teachers, both native-English speaking and Korean, teaching a special class on Tourism English. (I helped develop the textbook for the class, as I noted in this post.) The class focuses on tourist sites in Yeosu, and, since many of our students aren’t from Yeosu, we’re leaving at 10 this morning to take a tour of four areas in and around the city. We’re going to visit Hyangiram Temple on Dolsan Island, which is connected to the mainland by the famous Dolsan Bridge, then its off to Jinnamgwan, Korea’s largest one-story wooden structure and headquarters of Admiral Yi Sun-shin, who defeated invading Japanese naval forces with the invention of the “turtle boat” way back in the late 16th century. Our next stop will be Odong Island, photo here, and then on to the site of the 2012 Expo.

Naturally, I’ll be taking photos, but for more than the usual reasons. Next week there’s an English Festival on campus. One of the events is the Funny Picture competition. Students are supposed to submit a comic, funny photo of them with their English teacher (me), so I told three of my students that I would be happy to participate. We’re going to snap some amusing (I hope) photos while we’re on the field trip. Who knows what kind of hilarity will ensue. Stay tuned for the results. More later.