Since I switched the blog software over, I’ve been going back through the archives, updating links and photos. The code for some of the stuff is different in WordPress than it was in the Greymatter software I previously used, so I have to go back in to all the old posts and edit things. So far, I’m about 20% done–still a lot to do, but there’s no big hurry. Since everything appears to be working pretty good, I’ll probably soon put the blog back on the URL, rather than the URL. I’ll let everyone know well in advance before changing the address (again :roll:).

If you’ve only read my old Greymatter blog and no others, you might be wondering what the categories and tags are under each post on the main page. The categories are like the Table of Contents and the tags are like the Index; they’re more specific. Just click on one of the categories or tags and you’ll be taken to a list of all the posts that have that particular category or tag. Pretty neat. I’ll also try to keep you posted about any changes made to the blog. One change is that I added my photo to the About MontanaRon page. It’s not a recent one (about 3 years old, I believe), so I’ll try to put a new one up soon.

One thing I’m noticing about having the new software is that I seem to be more motivated to post new entries to the blog. That’s good! There’s so much more that I can do with WordPress–it’s tons o’ fun to play around with, tweaking and changing and poking around under the hood, so to speak. I’ll try to keep the frequency of the posts up the level that I’ve been doing so far since installing the new software, so keep checking back. More later.