As I suspected, I haven’t kept up my posting pace of the last few weeks, but then again, I’ve been pretty busy with final exams and end-of-semester paperwork. Right now, students in my classes are giving final in-class presentations, with most of them finishing today and others on Monday. I allow them to talk about almost anything, as long as I pre-approve it, either doing a monologue or working in pairs. I get some interesting stuff, such as interviews of famous people (the best so far has been an interview of Michael Jordan and why he thought he would be a good baseball player–unfortunately, everyone declared their topics before the Tiger Woods brouhaha. I think a few of my more creative students could have come up with some very interesting presentations on that subject.)

The other assessment that I have to make involves a 5-minute interview with each student in a conversational setting. I ask them personal questions and try to ascertain their level, how much they’ve improved and their overall capability. It’s somewhat of a less-than-ideal situation, since the result comprises 20% of their final grade, whereas their presentation is only 3.5%.

Next week and the week after they all take their final online listening exam. That’s computer-based and I have no involvement in it. After the presentations finish, I put all their attendance records and test scores (except for the computer testing) into the database and the computer spits out their final grades after the final listening exam. So, most of what I have left to do is “paperwork.” Though my first class today doesn’t start until 11 a.m., I’m going into the office early to start entering some of those scores. I’m supposed to show those scores and attendance records to the students next week and have them sign off on the data, so that if there’s any question about anything, discrepancies can be handled before vacation time begins, when I won’t be available to approve of any changes.

I could work in the office tomorrow morning (Saturday) when it’s quiet and there are fewer distractions, but I want to go to Gwangju to look for a new camera bag and a surge protector for my laptop in case I decide to take it with me on vacation (I probably won’t, but there’s a small chance I might). “Vacation? Again?”, I can hear you exclaiming. Yup, three weeks off, beginning December 12th and running through January 3rd. Let’s see, where to go? . . . hmmmmm . . . where to go? You get three guesses and the first two don’t count. More later.