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Day: April 3, 2010

Bike Shop and Baseball Season

My former colleague, Stewart, who sold me my “new” used (fantastic, wonderful, superb) bike told me about a good bike shop, MTB Plaza, here in Yeosu, and where to find it. A few weekends ago, I took the bus to buy groceries at Lotte Mart and decided to get off the bus short of the store to go look for the bike shop. I found it; all the lights were on and there was an “Open” sign (in English) in the window. However, the door was locked. Hmmm, maybe everyone’s out for lunch (it was about that time). The next weekend, while riding the bike around, I stopped by the shop again. Same results–lights on, “Open” sign, door locked. Different day (Sunday) and different time. What the heck? Did the guy die in there and nobody’s checked on him in a while? I tried again today, around 11:30 a.m. I got there, walking, because I was going grocery shopping again, and, sure enough, all the lights were on. This time, though, there was a “Closed” sign in the window. I pushed on the door anyway, just to be sure, and . . . voila . . . it was open! Guess I’ll have to rethink what open and closed means. Unfortunately, the place didn’t have what I was looking for. 😕

Ok, I haven’t written much about the new baseball season, but it’s upon us. Seems like yesterday that the Yanks won the World Series, and I’m looking forward to another championship season. I was debating whether or not to subscribe to MLB TV again this year ($24.95 a month), but I guess there’s actually no debate, since the Pinstripers open the season in Boston against the rival Red Sox. Despite my awesomefully (new word) time-eating work schedule, I’m sure I’ll be able to work the Yankee games in somewhere. 😉

More later.

Jongpo Ocean Park and Bizarre Architecture

Jongpo Ocean Park is still being built, but much of the walkway along the harbor is complete. It’s quite popular with locals; you can see families having picnics, children playing or rollerblading, older folks sitting on the benches enjoying the warm sun, and fishermen trying for the catch of the day. Being close to the ocean, though, there’s usually a gusty wind to dampen the early spring warmth.


Here are a couple of shots of the walkway, looking toward the mountains and back toward the bridge. There are lights inside the obelisk-like structures (they remind me of whale bones), so this area is probably lit up splendidly at night. I’ll have to come here some Friday or Saturday evening when the weather is warmer.



Ok, now it’s time to make the trek to the odd building I pointed out in a previous post. I walked around in the general area where it’s located, but, first, I spotted a church across the street. Since I take quite a few photos of Buddhist temples, I might as well give equal time to Christian churches (I’d do mosques, too, if we had any here). This one looked interesting enough to include. There’s even a driving range directly next door, the green screening of the range practically touching the church. No need to feel guilty while you’re trying out that new graphite driver–just pop over to services, then back to the range later.


Then, looking back across the street, I caught sight of my original quarry. It’s another church! 😯 Not just any old boring church, but one of the most bizarre-looking I’ve ever seen.


I walked over to it and took a few more photos from close up. What the heck is it supposed to represent? What’s the theme? To me, it kind of looks like a boat, if not a spaceship, with the porthole style windows. Is that supposed to be a stylized hand holding the cross? Give me your ideas. What do YOU think it’s supposed to look like or represent? By the way, I asked someone in my office to translate the Korean writing, and it’s a Reformed Presbyterian church.



That was the end of my somewhat long walk. I was pooped and took a bus back to the university. In the same general area of Yeosu, there is a large Buddhist temple that I want to explore someday. Hopefully, then, I’ll have more of this area of Yeosu later.

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