Yesterday, Wednesday, was Children’s Day, a national holiday in Korea. (Though I find that there are no real holidays working for the university–we have to make up all classes that are cancelled due to any “holidays.”) It’s kind of like Christmas for the kids, with gifts and time off from school for fun. It’s a day out at the amusement park, the zoo, the movies or just an afternoon playing games with mom and dad.

Celebrated each year in conjunction with the holiday is the Yeosu Turtle Ship Festival a.k.a. Yeosu Jinnam Geobukseon Festival. I’ve posted a few times previously about Admiral Yi Sun-shin and his invention of the turtle ship, and Yeosu has a four-day festival to celebrate his achievements. Usually, there is an International Tall Ship Festival held near this time also, but it was cancelled this year due to the construction of the Expo 2012 grounds at the harbor.

I took a bus to the Ocean Park Walkway (see a previous post about the walkway here) and spent about 3 hours walking around the various exhibits and watching some of the local talent performing on the main stage. Here’s the main area before the talent show began. Later, the place was packed, not half-empty as it appears here.


Here are a few shots of some of the performances; much of the local talent was quite good.




Many of the older folks were wearing traditional Korean clothing that is considered their national dress– the hanbok. I persuaded this gentleman to pose for me. I assume the cap and sunglasses aren’t standard, but I thought he looked pretty cool.


There was an international fireworks festival later that evening, but, having jogged for 80 minutes in the morning (almost a record for me), I was pooped and decided to call it a day around 4 in the afternoon. In addition the forecast had called for rain in the evening (which we got), and I had a couple of early morning classes today, so, early to bed. More later.