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Month: October 2010

A Few Yeosu Photos

So, yeah, I’ve been out and about lately, taking some shots at various areas around Yeosu. Here’s a few, with more to come in the following days.

Keeping to my “theme” photos, sort of, here’s a shot of one of the many “love” hotels around town. These are primarily for overnight or hourly “stays” (cough, cough). Many of these places have quite interesting exteriors, some of which I’ll post. Here’s a rather titillating one representing Venus, perhaps.

Here’s the Narsha, a new tourist hotel that went up not too long ago. I like the way the blue sky reflects off the windows. One of the other teachers told me that the best steak in Yeosu can be found on the 3rd floor grill. I haven’t been there to check it out yet, but I’ll let you know, one of these days, how it is.

Another study in blue is the new ferry terminal, where you can catch a ride to many of the numerous islands in the area. This is the pedestrian walkway at the back entrance.

I was up at Jasan Park, which overlooks Odong Island (Odongdo) and here’s a stylized photo of the island. (Put through a few Photoshop filters.)

Ok, nothing too exciting, I suppose, but I was recently at the top of one of the mountains near the university and got some spectacular shots. I’ll get some of those posted in the next few days, along with some new night shots, and I’ll probably be putting some more in the Photo Gallery. More later.

Signs of Winter

Yes, the cold season approaches. How do I know? Here are some portents.

1. Well, the weather, of course. We’re having almost frosty mornings now. I was going to go jogging this morning, but I stuck my head out the window just a few moments ago and decided to wait until this afternoon, when I have a 3-hour break between classes. It’s calm at the moment, but winter on the hill on which we’re located features constant wind, it seems. Just a few days ago it was howling and screeching like a banshee. Which brings me to the second reason.

2. Halloween is a few nights from now. Saturday, there’s a big foreigner party at one of the local bars, but that’s just not my style, so I’ll stay at home and watch creepy horror classics, like “The Wolf Man” or “House on Haunted Hill.” I think they’re so much better than modern “slasher” flicks. Speaking of horror, here’s the next reason.

3. The World Series has started, horrifyingly, without the Yankees. As you probably know, Texas knocked off the New York boys in 6 games and the Rangers are playing the San Francisco Giants in the Series. I’ll be rooting for Texas, but they got bombed by the Bay Area team 11-7 in the first game yesterday. Here’s hoping they can do better today.

4. Low humidity. Salt flows from my salt shaker, rather than clumping up in it, I don’t have to worry so much about mold taking over my small apartment, and jogging is much more pleasurable; that is, when it’s not so cold in the morning and when we don’t have wind-tunnel conditions in the afternoon.

All in all, I much prefer summer over winter, but there’s nothing I can do to prevent it from coming. Turn up the heat, put the heavy quilt on the bed and warm up the apple cider. More later.

Theme Shots and Last Gasp

Here are a few more “theme” photos from walking and bicycling around Yeosu.

First, more chicken–“Mexican” chicken. No, it’s not Mexican food, unfortunately. It’s merely spicy, as in “hot.” Too bad. I can actually make my own Mexican food–it’s not too difficult to find, in larger cities, taco shells and taco and fajita mix, “real” cheese, nacho chips, jalapenos, etc. A few days ago I brewed up a nice big pot of chili to acknowledge the imminent coming of winter. As a matter of fact, I’m just about to go warm up the remainder of that delicious concoction–winter’s definitely on the way when I start percolating some batches of chili, and there has been a bit of a chill in the night air lately.

It’s a big thumbs up for chicken around here.

And how does all that chicken get here? Why, by truck, boat and train, of course. Here’s a shot I took of the “blue train,” cars that transport petrochemicals, I assume, from the gigantic industrial area located over the mountain just north of the university. One of these days, I promise to hike up that mountain and take some high-up shots of the complex. I’m pretty sure they don’t process chicken there. 😉

If you follow baseball, you probably know that the Yankees are on their last gasp for advancing to the World Series. They’ve been totally thrashed by the Texas Rangers, and tomorrow’s game is their last chance to continue in the American League Championship Series. If they lose, they’re out. A long winter for New York fans is in the offing. More games later, hopefully.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom, if you read this, and best wishes for many more to come.

Yeosu Theme Photos

Well, I’ve taken quite a few photos around Yeosu, and, being the small city that it is, I sometimes feel that I’ve run out of things to photograph. So, I’ve decided to take “theme” photos–shots that fit into a particular category. Right now, I’m looking out for business signs. Here are a couple of examples.

So, what is Nudee?

a. bar
b. house of ill repute
c. strip joint

If you said bar, then you’re correct.

Try your luck with this one:

What kind of business is it?

a. tanning salon
b. health food store
c. cosmetics store

It’s a cosmetic store. Hope you got that one correct.

However, more interesting are the various “cutesy” icons that are used on restaurant and other business signs. Here’s an example of the type that I’ll be posting. Obviously a restaurant that serves chicken. I’ll have many more of these later.

Super Typhoon Megi

Although this typhoon is nowhere near us, it’s still of great interest to me, being the extreme weather guy that I am. 🙂 At the moment, it’s heading toward the northern Philippines, packing winds of 165 miles per hour and gusting to 200, according to Weather Underground .The name is contributed by Korea and it means catfish in the Korean language. But, wow, what a powerful storm! Most typhoons lose steam after they travel over land, and Megi is no different. It’s predicted to fall from a Category 5 typhoon to a Cat. 2, but it’s then supposed to increase to a Cat. 3 after it passes through the country. Yeah, this is a real killer of a storm; I hope everyone in the Philippines stays safe and is well prepared for the huge hit they’re probably going to take.

P.S. I just saw on CNN that the U.S. military in the area is reporting that SUSTAINED winds are at 180 mph. If true, this has to be one of the most powerful typhoons in recorded history.

A Few Photos

Here’s a couple I took earlier this summer, and did some HDR processing with them. The first one is the golf course across the highway with the watering system going full blast, shot with my telephoto zoom lens, which I don’t use all that often. Hmmm, don’t see anyone running for cover. With fall here and winter not too far behind, they probably won’t have the water on too much any more.

And here’s one of the few sunrises or sunsets that I’ve been able to capture here, for one reason or another. I’m gonna try to get down to the ocean early some morning and get some sunrise shots. This one is looking north from the balcony outside my dormitory apartment around sunset.

In case you didn’t see it, the Yanks stunned the Rangers in the first game of the AL Championship Series, coming back from 5 runs down to win 6-5. Agonizing to watch at first (with Texas up 5-0 early on), it got fun in the 8th inning when New York scored 5 runs. Next game–tomorrow. More of the same, I hope.

Bravo, Chile!!

What a feel-good story. I just watched the last of the rescue workers return to the surface to complete a remarkable operation. Congratulations to everyone involved in getting the 33 trapped miners back to the top. I watched as much of CNN’s round-the-clock coverage as I could, as I’m sure many around the world did, and it was so emotional to see each of the miners reunited with their loved ones. With so many negative headlines, this was one of the great stories of recent times. Now, everyone go out and celebrate with a bottle of Chilean wine (if that’s your preference) or some juicy Chilean grapes. Chi!Chi!Chi!–Le!Le!Le!

Fall Time–Beautiful Weather and Yankees

Yikes, I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve posted. Time flies, eh?

Not much going on in Yeosu, except for some beautiful fall weather. Crisp clear days and chilly mornings have replaced the high temperature and humidity of summer. As a matter of fact, I’m heading out the door in a few moments to enjoy the remainder of a gorgeous day.

First, though, I had to watch the Yankees close out the Twins by sweeping the 3-game division series. The defending World Champs will continue their march toward a 28th World Series title next Friday against either the Texas Rangers or the Tampa Rays. Don’t wanna jinx ’em, so I’m making no predictions.

Well, I’m off to wander around Yeosu and take some photos along the way. I’ve taken a bunch recently, so I hope to post some soon. More later.

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