Well, I’ve taken quite a few photos around Yeosu, and, being the small city that it is, I sometimes feel that I’ve run out of things to photograph. So, I’ve decided to take “theme” photos–shots that fit into a particular category. Right now, I’m looking out for business signs. Here are a couple of examples.

So, what is Nudee?

a. bar
b. house of ill repute
c. strip joint

If you said bar, then you’re correct.

Try your luck with this one:

What kind of business is it?

a. tanning salon
b. health food store
c. cosmetics store

It’s a cosmetic store. Hope you got that one correct.

However, more interesting are the various “cutesy” icons that are used on restaurant and other business signs. Here’s an example of the type that I’ll be posting. Obviously a restaurant that serves chicken. I’ll have many more of these later.