So, yeah, I’ve been out and about lately, taking some shots at various areas around Yeosu. Here’s a few, with more to come in the following days.

Keeping to my “theme” photos, sort of, here’s a shot of one of the many “love” hotels around town. These are primarily for overnight or hourly “stays” (cough, cough). Many of these places have quite interesting exteriors, some of which I’ll post. Here’s a rather titillating one representing Venus, perhaps.

Here’s the Narsha, a new tourist hotel that went up not too long ago. I like the way the blue sky reflects off the windows. One of the other teachers told me that the best steak in Yeosu can be found on the 3rd floor grill. I haven’t been there to check it out yet, but I’ll let you know, one of these days, how it is.

Another study in blue is the new ferry terminal, where you can catch a ride to many of the numerous islands in the area. This is the pedestrian walkway at the back entrance.

I was up at Jasan Park, which overlooks Odong Island (Odongdo) and here’s a stylized photo of the island. (Put through a few Photoshop filters.)

Ok, nothing too exciting, I suppose, but I was recently at the top of one of the mountains near the university and got some spectacular shots. I’ll get some of those posted in the next few days, along with some new night shots, and I’ll probably be putting some more in the Photo Gallery. More later.