Here are some more shots from the top of Horangsan. The first one shows a wider view of the city. You can see the backside of the golf course in the bottom middle. The university is off to the left, across the road, just out of view.

Looking over the other side of the mountain, you can get a good view of a small portion of the huge petrochemical complex and of the Gwangyang port across the bay. Gwangyang ships out tons of steel from POSCO steel’s huge mill there, reputedly the largest of its kind in the world. Clicking on the next three images will bring up MUCH larger versions.

A bit wider view of the petrochem complex. Like I stated, this is just a small part of the sector. Most of it is hidden by the hills to the left and right.

Here’s another photo stitching attempt to combine three shots I took of the harbor. Not too bad, though you can easily see the stitch marks.

Finally, it’s fun and interesting to play around with photos in Photoshop. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly creative, so PS gives me the opportunity to experiment without taxing my mental resources too much. 🙂

Here’s a shot looking toward the sea that I touched up using the Dry Brush filter. It’s hard to see the effect in the small version, but it’s more noticeable if you click on the image.