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It looks like we’re going to survive through the S. Korean-American war games without our northern neighbors going ballistic on everyone. I’m sure my students will be happy about that, because the next few weeks is final exam time.

So, I’ll be busy with oral interview assessments of and classroom presentations by the students, not to mention all the paperwork I’ll have to do. But, that’s only until December 10, when we have a three-week vacation.

Unfortunately, my financial situation right now dictates that I not travel abroad like I normally would do. So, I’ll stay in Yeosu, take some photos, and whatnot, depending on the weather.

I’ll probably go up to Seoul to do a little shopping for some books and hard-to-find spices, and perhaps to Andong. Anyway, I’m really going to miss getting out of the cold Korean winter weather for a few weeks. I’ll just have to keep summer on my mind.


  1. Hello..anderson..
    Im not sure you could remember my name.. I had took your speaking lesson for 2 month in last winter. At that time, I used to requrest you to look over writng papers.
    Time has passed a year already, maybe it’s of course that you couldn’t remember me.^^

    As my rememberance, your lesson was comfortable and funny, so you remains in my memory as
    impressive foreign teacher. It leads me to contact you through your blog….

    It was very hard to find your blog…. I don’t have any information to contact you, but only montana and wordpress.(I had been here few times before….2or3 times…maybe…)
    anyway…. After 15 minutes of effort, Im writing this one.
    and…. very glad to meet you again, even in online…^^

    Because of immature writing skill, I beg your understaning..

  2. montanaron

    December 3, 2010 at 7:22 am

    Hello, Sang-hyun. Yes, I think I remember you. I hope you are doing ok. Write again when you can. Thanks.

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