Nor does it ever get cold . . . compared to the rest of Korea. At least, that’s what Yeosuites tell me. I believe them about the snow, since we’ve never received more than a meager amount during the three winters I’ve been here. The cold? Hah!! This past weekend I don’t think we ever got above freezing, which isn’t terribly bad, but a banshee wind screeched along the university hillside for three straight days without a letup. According to the KMA website, winds were steadily blowing at over 30 mph, but some of the gusts (by my own estimate) were hitting 40 or more. Nonstop. Three days and nights. Horrible. It reminded me of the extreme winds around Livingston, Montana. I stayed in my apartment all weekend. 😮

It does snow sometimes, however. We had a few, what?, milimeters a couple of weeks ago. It started off in the early afternoon like a Montana blizzard, though.

It was pretty much gone by evening. I took a few photos while walking a short couple of blocks to the local convenience snow. This clump of roses looks like it’s yearning for warmer times. (Yup, roses in January–so I guess it actually doesn’t get all that cold in Yeosu!)

There’s an automobile junkyard just down the road from the apartment. The snow dressed it up a little bit.

Let’s see if I can’t dress it up a bit more.

Ahh, that’s better. (I think.)

And, finally, a view down the sidewalk. I like the pattern the snow makes on the bricks.

Enough for now, but, as always, more later. (Maybe not until the weather warms up :smile:)