Now I know it’s spring–it was Opening Day of the 2011 Major League Baseball season yesterday. Fittingly (and hopefully portentous), the Yanks knocked off the Detroit Tigers 6 to 3, with ex-Tiger Curtis Granderson providing the fireworks (a 3-run homerun) and making a couple of great catches in centerfield. Most of the so-called experts seem to have written the Yankees out of the playoff and/or World Series picture, mainly due to the perceived inadequacies of the starting rotation. I have great hopes, however, that the starters, including young Mr. Super Nova, will be more than up to the task and that the team will go all the way. That’s the nature of a true baseball fan–optimism. On opening day, all teams are equal. 🙂

(And, by the way, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Ivan Nova for becoming a member of that elite five.)