Spring on campus is beautiful, and during the peak flower season quite a few locals walk or drive to the university just to stroll around the area and soak up all the color and fragrance. Those who are traveling by car or motorbike have to really watch out for pedestrians, who sometimes walk down the middle of the roads while taking photos. As a matter of fact, yours truly does the same thing, but only early in the morning when traffic is light and only after looking both ways first. 😳

So, as promised a “few” days ago, here are some spring photos of beautiful Chonnam National University (Yeosu Campus). If you’re interested, you can compare these with photos from spring of last year.

A couple enjoys a Sunday morning walk under the cherry blossoms.

Remember that I posted about having to move into a new office in another building on campus? Here’s a shot from my window in that office.

And one more, for now. I’ll put up a few more tomorrow, since I’m a bit tired tonight and ready to hit the sack. I took a very long walk to the Expo 2012 area today and snapped off a bunch of photos for a future post–hopefully I’ll get them up in a “few” days. Construction is moving along quite nicely. More later.