. . . always get me down. Wouldn’t you know it? This is my first full weekend back in Yeosu since my vacation and it’s been raining buckets all day long. I know it’s the rainy season here, but I think we’re getting the whole season in one day. So far we’ve gotten about 5 inches [EDIT: 6 1/2 inches as of 4 p.m.] and it’s still coming down pretty heavily, with frequent thunderstorms. This kind of reminds me of last July’s big rain event, when we got more than 11 inches in one day, though I don’t think it’ll get quite that bad. Maybe you Montanans would like some. Oops, no, I guess not. You already had you’re share of rain earlier, didn’t you?

The powers-that-be provided us with portable dehumidifiers in March to help avoid mold build-up in the rooms, and mine’s certainly getting a workout. Anyway, it’s a good day for staying in bed and reading. I should be working on more Thai and Laos photos from my recent trip, but I’m feelin’ kinda lazy. Maybe tomorrow.