In my previous post I wrote that Typhoon Muifa predictions put it coming ashore in South Korea right at Yeosu, but I also stated that the predictions could change. Well, they have. Now the Weather Underground site is showing that Muifa will probably hit eastern China Saturday or Sunday as a category 3 typhoon and continue inland, although the computer model is showing that it will graze the west coast of the Korean Peninsula. So, it looks like Yeosu will not be affected by the full force of the typhoon, but we’ll probably get some heavy rain and strong winds on Sunday and Monday.

Also, tropical storm Nock-Ten, which wreaked havoc in my friend Nai’s area of Laos and elsewhere, is, ironically, named for a Laotian bird. My Laos dictionary defines it as a kingfisher. I hope the bird enjoyed all the rainfall; I continue to read reports that the Mekong is nearing flood stage at Vientiane. When I call Nai later today, I’ll have to remember to ask him if his house is in danger of being flooded, like it was in 2008. When I called yesterday, he was resting downstairs, so the waters definitely hadn’t reached that high yet. More later.