Right now, we’re getting what should probably be the worst of Muifa–winds are gusting close to 40 mph (my estimate) on the back side of the hill where my dorm apartment is located, and rainfall is approaching a couple of inches for the day, but I suspect that total will go up before the storm passes. Jeju Island has recorded almost 12 inches, according to the KMA.

The only problem is my windows. There are a few cutouts on the rails that the windows slide on. These small open areas are half moon-shaped and about 1/4 inch high, and are there, I assume, to let water DRAIN from heavy rainfall. Unfortunately, the direction of the wind is blowing water INTO the openings and causing water to drip on my floor. I discovered a small puddle before I figured out what was going on. Now, I’m sopping up the water in the window with a sponge and trying to block the holes. I can keep up with the rain, but I certainly can’t keep it up all night! Hopefully, the wind and rain will decrease before I have to get some sleep. Fun and games, eh? Here’s hoping your weekend isn’t sopping wet.