What a doozy, last night. We got a bit more rain than expected, as Muifa took a slight turn towards the peninsula instead of heading due north. As of 9 p.m., we’d had 52 mm of rain, about 2 inches. An hour later, we had received another inch, and during the next hour, it REALLY rained. According to the KMA website we got over 2 inches of rain in that one hour–that’s an enormous rate. I watched from the hallway window outside my apartment, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such intense rain for so long. Even though it was dark, the streetlights helped illuminate the scene. Of course, the wind was gusting quite heavily, forcing the rain to come in almost horizontally, and frequent lightning flashes helped add a surreal feeling to it all. I did, however, manage to stop the water that was leaking through my window.

I took a short motorbike ride to my office a bit earlier this morning, and I didn’t see too much damage. Small branches were scattered on the road, but I did see one larger tree that had been uprooted. Across the way, a section of the hill behind the golf course had slid down onto the golf cart path and crews were out clearing it up. Here’s an article from the JoongAng Daily that gives a further report on Muifa’s impact on the country. More later.