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Month: September 2011

Go, Red Sox!

Go home, that is. Yeah, what an epic, colossal failure! This almost–ALmost–makes up for the Yanks’ horrendous crash of 2004. So, Red Sox Nation (more like a failed state), bundle up for a long, cold winter, go cry in your beer, and wait for the equipment truck to rattle and scrape and crawl its way down to spring training.

Oh, and a big tomahawk chop to Atlanta, too. Nice crash, as big as the Red Sox collapse. Fortunately, I’m not a National League fan, so I’m kinda ho-hum about the Braves. But, a big guffaw to them, too.

Now, Go Yanks. Onto the playoffs and, eventually, I hope, the 28th World Championship of the team’s illustrious history.

Some Yeosu Photos

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on around here lately, but we have had some gorgeous late summer/early fall weather; deep blue skies, plenty of sunshine, moderate temperatures and lower humidity have chased away the mostly oppressive summer days. This time of year and the middle of spring feature the best weather in Yeosu, in my opinion. I’ve been out and about, hiking, bicycling, walking and taking plenty of photos. Rather than making one or two huge posts, I think I’ll dole out a few photos at a time, hoping that y’all will keep coming back for more. (Plus, I get pretty lazy, at times, about processing all my shots. :wink:) Some of these might be interesting, some not. Enjoy, or not. Let me know what you think.

This is from earlier in the summer when the mist/fog lent an air of mystery to things. The humid conditions didn’t stop the local golfers, however, as the lights were on for the night owls.

On one of my walkabouts, I spotted these bright red flowers in a small garden plot on a small side street next to a small house. I think they’re pretty. Anyone know what kind of flowers they are? (I’m definitely not a flower guy, but I was, and am, a proponent of Flower Power).

Finally, it seems that we just don’t get that many good sunrises and ‘sets in Yeosu, at least from my vantage point, especially compared to those I had the pleasure to see in the Dominican Republic and Morocco. Lately, though, we’ve had a few nice sunsets. Here’s one. (Sorry, there ain’t nuthin’ I can do about the power transmission towers and lines in the photo–it was taken from the balcony outside my dormitory apartment.)

I’ll definitely try to get some more photos posted in a more timely manner, probably 3 or 4 shots per post, mostly just random stuff from around Yeosu, so stay tuned for more later.

Recent Expo 2012 Construction

These photos were taken on August 24th, so they’re only about 3 weeks old. I’m sure of the names of some of the venues, but for others, the names on the map that I refer to don’t match up with the names on the official website, so there’s a bit of confusion. At any rate, things seem to be progressing well, and I haven’t heard any reports that anything was behind schedule.

First is a shot of the Korean Pavilion, which I’m reasonably sure is the correct name for the building.

Next up is the Marine City and Conservation Pavilion (not sure about this one).

Here’s the aquarium, with the hotel under construction in the background. (100% sure)

Here’s the aquarium by itself from a bit closer.

And a closer view of the hotel.

This one could be the Marine Industrial and Technology Pavilion or the Climate and Environment Pavilion or the previously mentioned Marine City and Civilization Pavilion. Which one is it? I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the Expo Visitor Center and look at their 3-D model to find out.

Next, the Expo Town–pretty sure of this one.

The Local Government Pavilion (reasonably sure).

A general view of part of the construction area. The two cylindrical buildings to the right will comprise the sky tower.

Finally, there’s a new addition to the visitor center. I’ve no idea if it has a name other than, perhaps, “Crabby.”

That’s it for now. I’ll keep checking the site every once in a while and post more photos as progress dictates. Hope to see you at the Expo in 2012!

Happy Chuseok!

Today is Korea’s Thanksgiving Day, Chuseok, pronounced, approximately, chew-sock, which doesn’t raise too many delightful images. 🙂 I’ve posted about the holiday before, here and here.

Yesterday and Saturday we were bedeviled by the meager remnants of Tropical Storm Kulap, which had become merely a tropical depression by the time it wandered around near us. There wasn’t much left by the time it reached us, but enough to give us overcast skies and an inch or two of rain yesterday. For most of today, however, skies were clear, with sunny, warm and humid weather. I did a 20-mile bike trip, which pretty much wiped me out, decrepit old guy that I am, so I’ll recuperate tomorrow and then get back to work on Wednesday, after the holiday. I’ll try to get some photos posted of recent 2012 Expo construction, and I’m getting a bit of a backlog of other photos that I’ll try to get up soon, so stay tuned for more later.

More Yeosu Wall Murals

Finally, we’re getting some gorgeous weather. For the last week and a half or so, clear blue skies have banished the overcast conditions that we were experiencing, though it’s still quite humid at times. I got sunburned riding my bicycle last Sunday and while walking around town in the middle of last week. Marvelous!

Before the great weather, I went down to the Expo 2012 site to see how things had progressed since May, the last time I’d been down there. I got a lot of shots of the ongoing construction, but I also took some more photos of the wall murals that I mentioned in a previous post.

Here are a half dozen or so of the paintings. Peruse at your pleasure and, as always, click on ’em for a larger version.

Sadly, some of the paintings that I photographed in May are no longer there. In this area of town, crews are widening the road in preparation for the Expo. Walking a bit down the hill, I saw that the mural wall came to an abrupt end where it had been demolished by the “improvement.” Here’s what I saw at the end of the wall.

Yikes! Well, I suppose it’ll look better once they finish the construction. This area will lead into the international village where all the foreign workers at their various pavilions will be living while they’re in Yeosu.

Construction is ongoing at the Expo site; here’s a brief preview of the new hotel being put up. I’ll have more Expo photos in a few days.

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