Here are a few final shots from my walkabout last weekend at the Expo site. Enjoy.

This is the “backside” of the International Pavilion area, facing the train station.

And another shot of the same area.

It appears that most of the outside work is finished on the apartment buildings of Expo Town.

And a couple of shots of the hotel, where more of the exterior covering is being put on.

Here’s a site that I hadn’t taken a shot of until last weekend. It’s the Fisheries Experience Zone. It’s the blue pylons down the breakwater near Odong Island.

Finally, here’s a general overview of the site. If you click on it a couple of times, you’ll get a very large photo of the area to browse. Might take a while to load.

I’ll be on vacation in Thailand and Laos soon and I won’t return until the first week in January, so I won’t be taking any more strolls around the area until then. More later.