OK, here’s the update I promised. There really hasn’t been a lot of progress in exterior construction, except for a few notable exceptions, because much of it has been finished or nearly so. I think most of the work is taking place inside the buildings, and a lot of landscaping is being done. The most striking new progress, however, is that the Big O, the centerpiece of the Expo, has finally gone up. In the photo below, you can see the framework is mostly completed, so installation of the outside paneling should be starting soon.

The Big O at the Yeosu 2012 Expo

The Big O, Jan 28th, 2012

Elsewhere, down by the Sky Tower and next to the railway station, new construction has begun on the Corporate Pavilion and Energy Park.

Corporate Pavilion Construction

Corporate Pavilion and Energy Park Construction, Yeosu 2012 Expo, Jan 28, 2012

The Sky Tower itself has had some new additions, seen in this view from near what will be the main entrance.

Sky Tower

New Sky Tower additions

So, what is that reddish-orange contraption on the right hand side of the structure? From a brochure I have, here’s a description of the Sky Tower.

The Sky Tower is a monumental piece of art, recycled and redesigned from a pair of abandoned 55-meter cement silos on the Expo site. The harp-shaped exterior is an embodiment of the giant waves of the coastal waters of Yeosu. Moreover, the tower is a fully-functional pipe organ that will play the tunes related to the sea for the enjoyment of visitors. 

If it works as intended, it should be pretty impressive.  Next, a shot of the Expo City apartments, which are quite colorful.

Expo 2012 Apartments

2012 Expo Apartments

The hotel hasn’t shown much change, but the land around it is being landscaped and smoothed over to make way for walking and (perhaps) parking areas.

Expo 2012 Landscaping

Expo 2012 Landscaping

Here’s an enlarged shot of the construction taking place around the Big O. (As usual, click on the image for larger versions.)

Expo 2012 Big O Area Closeup

Closeup of Big O Area Construction

Here’s what the brochure says about the Big O.

The Expo is jam-packed with cultural programs, with 40 performances and events taking place every day for the entire period of 93 days; that is, 3,700 in total! It features large-scale events, such as the state-of-the-art Night Multi-media Show taking place at the Big-O, world-class performances, and concerts of popular singers from Korea and around the world.

 The brochure goes on to mention The Fountain Show (“. . . on a stage constructed on the sea. It will be shown through the world’s first Living Screen at night, creating an awe-inspiring, dreamlike atmosphere.”), The Big Ocean Show (“. . . a performance utilizing the seas, the beach and ships . . . staged on a weekly basis”) and The World Ocean Performance (“featuring performances of artists from Korea and beyond, will take place on the floating stage and utilize the sea as a platform for cultural activities.”), all of which take place on or near the Big O.

Here are a couple of overview shots taken from different vantage points.

Expo Jan2012 Overview

Overview of Expo 2012

Expo Jan2012 Overview

Expo Jan2012 Overview from Jasan Park

Also in preparation for the Expo, Yeosu has been installing quite a few bicycle stations, from where you can rent one of these “hot” blue bikes to get around. I’m not sure if they’re coin-operated or bank/credit card. Probably both.

2012 Expo Bicycle Station

Bicycle Station

Finally, not more than 10 seconds after I pulled my camera from my bag, one of the guys working on the Expo came over and pointed to himself and said “Picture, me.” I was only too happy to oblige.

Expo Worker

Expo Worker

So, that’s about it for the Expo photos for now. I’ll probably get back down there in March or perhaps late this month to shoot some more. Stay tuned.