Well, we’re still a few weeks short of the official beginning of Spring, but the weather lately has been Spring-like. So, despite the possibility that I’m jinxing things, I’ve changed the header photos that appear at the top of the blog. I’ve put up the spring and summer photos that I took here in Yeosu and in Morocco several years ago. Here’s hoping that the cold weather and frigid winds are finished for the season.

Also, regular readers of the blog have probably noticed that my previous relatively frenetic posting has reverted back to my habit of several days between posts. No, I haven’t gotten lazy! It’s just that the Spring semester has started and I’ve been quite busy of late. In addition, one of our new teachers had visa problems and he had to make a visa run to Japan for several days. Some of the other teachers, including yours truly, volunteered to cover his classes until he returns, so that’s added to the workload and lack of time. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more often beginning soon. So, please be patient and I’ll have more later.