Sunset over the Expo

Sunset Over the Expo

In more ways than one. This is the final day of the Expo–so sad. 🙁

I’ll be going out to the site in just a short while. I’ll walk around and visit all my favorite pavilions and say goodbye to the many friends I’ve made. I’ll take in the Big Ocean Show, one of my favorite parts of the Expo, and I’ll try to get some shots of the closing ceremony fireworks. (I’ll assume there will be some.) I doubt I’ll be able to get anywhere near the closing festivities themselves; I expect half of Korea will be trying to get there, and I’m sure the Big O amphitheater will be packed hours before the show begins.

Even after all is said and done, I’ll continue to post photos of the Expo on the blog. In the meantime, I find that the Expo is most beautiful at night, so here are a few night photos that I’ve taken over the past three months. I have many more, so I’ll get some of those up in the next few days.

Please check back for more Expo photos and, even, some videos of some of the performances.

Here’s a shot I took of the Expo from the same position I took the sunset shot, across the bay on Odong Island.

Expo at night

Expo at Night

There are a couple of tour boats that you can take to get a view of the Expo from the sea. This one’s the Mir.

The Mir tour boat at night

Mir Tour Boat

The fountains around the site are especially beautiful at night.

Colorful fountain at night

Colorful Fountain at Night

Another colorful fountain at night.

Fountain at Night

Here’s a view of the Theme Pavilion.

The Theme Pavilion at night

The Theme Pavilion at Night

And the Main Gate

The main gate at night

Main Gate at Night

The Angola Pavilion at night.

The Angola Pavilion at night

The Angola Pavilion

Some of the infrastructure at the International Pavilion building.

Infrastructure of the International Pavilion at night

International Pavilion Infrastructure

The Korea Pavilion

The Korea Pavilion at night

Korea Pavilion

As I wrote earlier, I have quite a number of these night shots that I’ll put up in the next few days, so if you like these, check back for more later.