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Yeosu Expo 2012-More Night Photos

As everyone probably knows, the Yeosu 2012 Expo finished on August 12th. It was a wonderful 3-month run for this “magic” event set down in the middle of quiet, little Yeosu. I’ve been a bit depressed that the fun has ended, so I’ll have to figure out a way to make my own “magic” for the rest of the summer. Organizers reached their goal of 8 million visitors over the 3 months, but they had to resort to lowering the fees substantially during certain times of the day to entice people to visit. So, they got their 8 million, but what the profit or loss was has yet to be determined.

I’ll keep putting up photos of the Expo over the course of the rest of the summer (and maybe the winter!), so here are some more night shots of the event. As always, click on the thumbnails to get larger views.

Here are a few shots of the exterior of some of the pavilions.

The Angola Pavilion at night

Angola Pavilion at Night

Belgium Pavilion at night

Belgium Pavilion

China Pavilion at night

China Pavilion

Indonesian Pavilion at night

Indonesian Pavilion

The “guardian” outside the Thailand Pavilion.

Thailand Pavilion at night

Thailand Pavilion Guardian

Here’s a shot of some of the interior infrastructure of the International Pavilion from near the Angola Pavilion.

International Pavilion at night

International Pavilion at Night

And just around the corner is the Expo Digital Gallery.

Expo Digital Gallery at night

Expo Digital Gallery

Up on the third floor, you could look out onto the roof of one of the International Pavilion blocks.

International Pavilion Roof at night

International Pavilion Roof at Night

And, here’s another view of the International Pavilion roof and infrastructure.

International Pavilion at night

International Pavilion Interior

Also from the third floor is this view of Gate 4, the Expo Town Gate.

Gate 4 at night

Gate 4 at Night

Here’s an early-evening view looking back toward the Expo apartments, “Expo Town”.

Expo at night

Expo at Night

Finally, a couple of shots of the “sail” structures that were ubiquitous throughout the grounds.

Sails at night

Exterior Sail Structure

Exterior sail structure at night

Exterior Sail Structure

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  1. Your pictures are nice. I look forward to seeing more of them as you post them on your blog.

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