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Yeosu’s Heavy Rain and Typhoon Bolaven

Holy downpour, Batman, we got a boat load of rain here yesterday! If you’ve been a long-time reader of this blog, you may recall that I posted back in July 2010 about Yeosu getting almost 11 inches of rain in about half a day. Well, we topped that record. According to the Korean Weather website, from midnight until about 4 p.m. yesterday, Yeosu got 309 millimeters of rain, almost 12 1/2 inches! Wow! No other mainland area had that much rain. Namhae, a stone’s throw away from us, was trailing with “only” 211 mm, and very few other areas had over 100 mm. For most of the day we were in the bullseye of a narrow band of heavy showers that kept sliding up from the ocean. I haven’t read or heard of any damage or deaths, so, hopefully, everyone’s OK.

Being right on the ocean, Yeosu seems to shrug off these heavy rains as all the water just drains into the sea, rather than into rivers. That much rain would probably turn most rivers in Korea into raging torrents. However, it’s more difficult to shrug off a typhoon, and we have one heading our way.

Right now Typhoon Bolaven is churning toward Okinawa as an extremely dangerous Category 4 typhoon. It’s supposed to drop to a Cat 2 storm by the time it gets to the peninsula on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. According to the Weather Underground website, Bolaven will graze the southwest tip of the country. However, this is a very large typhoon in area, so Yeosu will probably feel some fairly strong winds and have another bout of heavy rain. I’ll keep you up to date as the typhoon approaches.


  1. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (, Category 4 Typhoon Bolaven is supposed to stay just west of the Korean peninsula, plus it’s supposed to weaken by the time it gets here. That said, it’s also a really big storm, meaning that Jeollanam-do will probably see some strong winds (tropical storm-force) on Monday night and Tuesday.

  2. Typhoon Bolaven hit us here in Yeosu after 3am here. There was a lot of wind and rain but I saw no sign of flooding as I had expected. We lost power for most of the day and started to get it off an on in the later afternoon. I haven’t seen much damage where I am besides some trash and signs blown around. This storm was no as bad as many of us had anticipated…some stores were even open and people were safe walking around earlier this afternoon. The typhoon will continue to lose speed as it continues up through the country.

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