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Yet Another Typhoon–Sanba

Yes, another typhoon, Sanba, is heading our way, the third one in about 3 weeks. The other two kind of fizzled out as they hit cooler water near Korea, so Yeosu wasn’t terribly pummeled. Sanba, however, looks like a real doozy, as it’s already been afforded super typhoon status and may be as high as a category 3 storm as it blows ashore next Monday, probably. Here’s a look at the latest predicted track from Weather Underground.

The path of Super Typhoon Sanba

Predicted path of Sanba

If it actually stays on this track, it will come very near Yeosu. The original computer model predicted that Sanba would come ashore directly on top of Yeosu, but that has been modified a bit. Still, as of this morning, we’re pretty much in the cross hairs of this monster storm. As you can see from the graphic if you click on it, maximum winds are at 170 miles per hour and gusting up to 205 mph. That’s really stunning! Let’s hope everyone stays safe in the next few days. I’ll keep you up to date as this thing approaches. More later.

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  1. While I hope it fizzles out (like Bolaven and Tembin did), I’m not holding my breath. Regardless, stay safe!

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