Just a quick update on the latest news of the approach of Typhoon Sanba to the Korean Peninsula and especially to Yeosu.

Not much has changed about the forecast except that Sanba is now expected to be about a Category 1 Typhoon when it makes landfall here, and I do mean here. Right now it looks like it will come ashore about 30 miles west of Yeosu around mid-morning or early afternoon on Monday, though we’ll start feeling the effects long before that.

Here’s the most recent Korean Meteorological Administration map of the track of Sanba. Notice that little dot on the south coast of the Peninsula? Yup, that’s Yeosu.

Path of Typhoon Sanba

Path of Typhoon Sanba

Doing some quick reading, I found that a special typhoon alert will be issued for the entire country by Monday, with officials expecting this to be the most dangerous and devastating storm since Typhoon Maemi back in 2003.

One of the biggest worries is about the heavy rainfall that is expected. According to the Korea Herald, “Jeju Island and the southern [that’s us] and eastern coasts, in particular, are projected to see heavy rain of more than 50 millimeters per hour and strong winds measuring 50 meters per second between Sunday afternoon and dawn Tuesday . . .

Yikes, that’s a lot of rain and it’s predicted to start coming down heavily beginning tomorrow afternoon and into Monday morning. I’ll keep updating as the situation warrants.