We had some nice weather the last few days, pale reminders of this past summer, but it’s turning cold and windy again, so I thought I’d start posting some photos of the Expo that I’ve got laying around on my computer. Hopefully, these shots will help recapture the fun that was the Expo and help me to feel the summer heat again, if only in my mind. Yeah, I know that it’s quite a while after the fact, but perhaps you’ll enjoy them anyway.

First up are some shots of a few of the exteriors of various country pavilions. I won’t comment on these, since the countries are evident. These were all taken early on in the Expo, so there aren’t any huge lines of people waiting to enter the pavilions. Later on I’ll post some interior shots and some cultural performances. I was going to go to the Expo site today to take some new photos of the area, but the weather started becoming more winter-like sooner that the forecast predicted. I might still go down there, but then again I might just stay in my warm cave. More later.

The exterior of the Turkmenistan Pavilion


The exterior of the United Arab Emirates Pavilion

United Arab Emirates

The exterior of the Cambodia Pavilion


The exterior of the India Pavilion


The exterior of the Egypt Pavilion


The exterior of the Pakistan Pavilion


The exterior of the Netherlands Pavilion

The Netherlands

The exterior of the Sweden Pavilion


The exterior of the Germany Pavilion


The exterior of the Israel Pavilion