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Month: February 2013

Yet Another Yeosu Expo Update

I took a walk around the Expo site last Sunday, and, basically, nothing has changed since the last time I was down there. No more demolition has occurred, and it looks like everything that’s remaining will stay there. The only noticeable difference is that all the rubbish, debris, steel beams and whatnot has been removed and the site looks nice and neat and tidy, as if it were ready to open.

The only rumor I’ve heard lately is that the Big O is going to be revamped, due to some damage that it took from one of the typhoons that swept through here last August and September. Also, due to its disuse, the salt water has clogged up the plumbing system, so that’s going to be repaired also. Evidently, then, the Big O is going to be used, but to what extent I haven’t heard.

As I stated before, the Aquarium is open and seems to be attracting a good number of visitors. Hopefully, the rest of the site will open by this summer. I’ll try to round up some more “rumors” and keep you posted. More later.

Self Portrait-The Yeosu Menace

Finally, after a month or so delay, I got my new camera tripod that I ordered from It gathered dust up in Seoul for about 5 weeks before I finally decided to track it down. After several phone calls, the delivery company got it here in good shape. Although it’s a cheapie, it has some good reviews, and it seems to be a pretty stable piece of equipment. It’s a Dolica Proline AX680P104 and you can read reviews at Amazon and elsewhere.

So, what does one do with a new tripod when one is hibernating because he hates the winter cold and wind? Simple. Take some photos of oneself in his cave (apartment) using the new tripod.

Here are a few shots I took last night using various colors reflected from the background screen on my laptop, which is to my right, to add a bit of mood. What shall I title these? Creepy Old Man? Portrait in Blue? Old Man’s Last Stand? They were fun to do, but the moody look on my part doesn’t reflect my true, innate, bubbly outlook on life. 🙂

This was interesting to play around with, so I’m sure I’ll post more self portraits at times. Stay tuned.

The Red Menace of Yeosu

Myself in red

Red Ron

The Blue Phantom of University Hill

Myself in blue

Blue Ron

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy New Year to everyone in Korea, China, Vietnam and elsewhere that the Lunar New Year is celebrated. So, goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and hello to the Year of the Snake. In Korea, this is a 3-day holiday, running today through Monday, so we have a nice, long weekend.

On top of that, after next week we start a two-week vacation. Due to the vagaries of the calendar, the spring semester at the university doesn’t begin until March 4th, so we’ve got an extra week off after the end of our seven-week children and adult classes next week, when usually we only have one week off. I might run up to Seoul for a couple of days during the break, since I need to renew my passport, which expires in June. I can also mail it in to the embassy and have it returned the same way, so if the weather sucks, I might just hang out here in Yeosu.

Anyway, Happy New Year, again. More later.

Kids’ Camp

I finally got around to processing a few photos of our Kids’ Camp from a few weeks ago. Most of these show some of the activities that took place on “sports” day in the campus gym.

First is the start of a dodge ball game. The ball is placed in the middle of the competition area and students from the two opposing teams rush to get control of the ball. There were a few collisions in the mad rush, but no one was injured.

Dodge Ball

Dodge Ball

Here the kids try to pass along a ping pong ball using plastic forks. If they dropped it, they had to start over. Once the ball got to the end of the line of about 8 students and one teacher, they started another ball going. The winning team got about 6 balls; my team got one. If only the kids concentrated this hard on studying.

Ping pong scoop game

Ping Pong Scoop

There was also a jump rope contest. The winning team got, I think, 21 straight jumps. Here, Mike and his kids get some great air time. They finished with 17 jumps. I didn’t participate in this one, only because my name wasn’t drawn. (I couldda been a contender, I tell ya.)

Jump Rope Contest

Jump Rope Contest

About midway through the games, everyone took a well-deserved break from the action.

Break Time

Break Time

At the end of the day, prizes were awarded to the winners. Here’s Rob with one of the champs, kind of a “Mutt and Jeff” type duo.

Rob and winner

Rob and Winner

Finally, here’s a shot of one of my classes in various states of alertness. I forget when I took this, either early in the morning or later in the afternoon, so they were a bit tired. Overall, they were bright, friendly and happy young boys and girls.

One of my classes

One of my classes

Well, our nice spring-like weather of late is now turning into winter again, with sub-freezing temperatures and howling winds, especially up here on the side of “university hill.” So, I’m back in hibernation again. More later.

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