Happy New Year to everyone in Korea, China, Vietnam and elsewhere that the Lunar New Year is celebrated. So, goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and hello to the Year of the Snake. In Korea, this is a 3-day holiday, running today through Monday, so we have a nice, long weekend.

On top of that, after next week we start a two-week vacation. Due to the vagaries of the calendar, the spring semester at the university doesn’t begin until March 4th, so we’ve got an extra week off after the end of our seven-week children and adult classes next week, when usually we only have one week off. I might run up to Seoul for a couple of days during the break, since I need to renew my passport, which expires in June. I can also mail it in to the embassy and have it returned the same way, so if the weather sucks, I might just hang out here in Yeosu.

Anyway, Happy New Year, again. More later.