Finally, after a month or so delay, I got my new camera tripod that I ordered from It gathered dust up in Seoul for about 5 weeks before I finally decided to track it down. After several phone calls, the delivery company got it here in good shape. Although it’s a cheapie, it has some good reviews, and it seems to be a pretty stable piece of equipment. It’s a Dolica Proline AX680P104 and you can read reviews at Amazon and elsewhere.

So, what does one do with a new tripod when one is hibernating because he hates the winter cold and wind? Simple. Take some photos of oneself in his cave (apartment) using the new tripod.

Here are a few shots I took last night using various colors reflected from the background screen on my laptop, which is to my right, to add a bit of mood. What shall I title these? Creepy Old Man? Portrait in Blue? Old Man’s Last Stand? They were fun to do, but the moody look on my part doesn’t reflect my true, innate, bubbly outlook on life. 🙂

This was interesting to play around with, so I’m sure I’ll post more self portraits at times. Stay tuned.

The Red Menace of Yeosu

Myself in red

Red Ron

The Blue Phantom of University Hill

Myself in blue

Blue Ron