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Drought Buster

July and August are the rainy season months in Korea, but in Yeosu, we’ve had very little rain since the beginning of July. Some of my students told me that Yeosu is in a drought, although other parts of Korea have had ample rainfall. The last two days, however, have seen an end to the dry situation. According to the KMA, we’ve gotten about 4 1/2 inches of rain since Friday. The rain has stopped and today has seen a little sunshine now and then, but it appears the drought has been broken.

The weather is looking nice for this coming week and that’s good, since we’re off until the fall semester begins on Sept. 2nd. I hope to do some hiking in the mountains, take the bicycle out for a spin or two and visit the Expo grounds to see if any changes have been made since I last visited in the first part of July.

I’d like to write a longer post, but I have to go to a ring-exchange ceremony between one of our teachers and his Korean wife. I’ve been invited to do the photography for the event and for the reception at one of the local buffet restaurants afterwards. Wish me luck with the photos!

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  1. The photos look great too.

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