Wow, just when I thought the typhoon season in Korea was over, here comes one steaming toward us from the south. Fitow (a Micronesian word for a type of fragrant flower) is still a tropical storm, but is predicted to eventually become a category 3 typhoon. According to the Weather Underground map below, it would reach us some time this weekend if it continues on the predicted path. It looks like it might come ashore west of Yeosu as a cat. 1 typhoon.

Well, why not mess up another weekend? Last week, we had gorgeous weather, but last Saturday was depressingly cloudy all day and it rained most of Sunday. So, it looks like another ruined weekend. Still, it’s interesting that a typhoon might reach us at this late date in the season. I did a quick search on historical typhoons in Korea and I couldn’t find any typhoon that hit during the month of October. In fact, the latest ones I could find happened in the middle of September, so this appears to be very unusual. I’ll keep you posted.